The Sound Of Footsteps

TheSoundOfFootsteps_Ebook 200w

I've added a prequel novella to Drusilla's series -- and it's free, FREE, FREE everywhere e-books are sold (provided those places are Amazon, iTunes, Kobo, and Barnes and Noble). What were Drusilla and Stevie doing before they ever made it to Las … [Read more]

Everybody Takes The Money

EverybodyTakesTheMoney_Ebook2 300w

Woot, woot! It's here, my new book: Everybody Takes The Money. Drusilla Thorne and her sister Stevie return, and Drusilla is having just as much difficulty staying out of trouble as she did last time: When Drusilla Thorne goes along with her … [Read more]

From today’s writing

Stevie had never been to Anne’s house in the Beachwood Canyon area before. For one thing, we lived near the Pacific Ocean, and Anne lived near 101. In terms of Los Angeles geography, this was not unlike us living in separate states. Also, Stevie had … [Read more]

Mailing list

If you liked You Know Who I Am, and you want to know when the next one is coming out, please join the mailing list! (Seriously, it's a very low volume mailing list. How low volume? I haven't even sent anything out on it yet. I'm only going to use … [Read more]

LibraryThing giveaway

I'm also doing a LibraryThing giveaway until April 18! This is for e-books (as opposed to Goodreads's giveaway of paperbacks).  … [Read more]

Goodreads giveaway

I'm going to give 3 paperback copies of You Know Who I Am to Goodreads members who enter in the giveaway contest. You have to sign up to be a Goodreads member, but I think that's the only requirement! The contest signup period runs from March 31 … [Read more]

You Know Who I Am

You Know Who I Am is the first in a series of mysteries featuring Drusilla Thorne, a woman who seems to get involved with trouble as much as she ought to avoid it altogether. She needs to find out who murdered her husband before the police figure out … [Read more]